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Good news for Python community ! PyS60 1.9.3 was released and now we have touch support ! Follow the list of changes from the project site:

Python core is upgraded to 2.5.4

– Touch event support is added to appuifw Canvas. An API is added to appuifw
module, touch_enabled() for checking if the device supports touch input.

– scribble application developed using PyS60 touch feature is available in the

– This release includes a new extension module, sciptext. This is an enabler for
using S60 Platform Service APIs that were introduced in the S60 5th Edition
and back ported on S60 3rd edition FP2, from Python. It supports services like
Application Manager, Calendar, Contacts, Landmarks, Location, Logging,
Messaging, Media Management, Sensors and Sys Info. Refer scriptext module
documentation for the usage and the convention for accessing the platform
Service API interfaces is subjected to change.

– Easier runtime deployment: Python runtime and its dependent components can be
installed by just running the scriptshell application that comes with 1.9.3
release. This feature is available only from S60 3rd edition FP2 devices
onwards and also these devices should have been updated with the latest
firmware. The easier runtime deployment support will be available with all
ensymble packaged applications in future releases.

– SSL support for socket is enabled

See more on the release announce.

PyS60 is a great piece of code between the mobile open-source projects ! Congratulations for the team !

I’ve done the port of TSP problem for Nokia N73 as promised, it’s working very smoothly and the Canvas API of PyS60 is amazing and fast, I’ll post the video and source-code soon.

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