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The most possible True Random Number Generator

We know that our physical world is deterministic (and please, don’t come with the Dr Quantum videos of YouTube, by more strange and successful that the QM laws are, they do not fully represent a solid understand, and there are still many gaps to be filled), which means that creating a TRUE random number generator it’s impossible. Some people uses atmospheric noise to create random numbers, but it’s just a hard-to-predict approach and not a TRUE random number generator, there are some people using the radioactive decay too, but it can still be just a unknow mechanism. When I say by “TRUE”, I’m talking about a number that is created by something that could break the causality law, something that have an effect without prior cause. So, I think, the secret for creating a True Random Number Generator (TRNG) instead of a Pseudo-Random Number Generator (PRNG) is to link our generator with the only thing that is supposed to break the causality law: us.

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