The Darwin’s cake experiment

Suppose that you are the owner of a famous bakery, and you have a recipe of a really delicious cake which is well known and desired by many of your clients. Is in this scene that enters the Darwin’s cake experiment.

Suppose that you also have nearly 1.000 clients (you are very famous hehe) that you can send new cakes done by you with different amounts of ingredients and these same clients will return to you how much they liked the new cake recipe in a rating between 1 and 10 in a way to know what is the most popular desired taste.

So I was thinking, this is an optimization problem. Your problem is to find the almost “perfect” amouts of each ingredient of the cake for you most popular clients taste. If we use a Genetic Algorithm to solve this optimization problem, we can imagine some like this:

Create, let’s say, 1.000 cakes (the individuals) with random amounts of ingredients and send them to clients evaluation (fitness function), and then take the rating returned by your clients (the fitness). So you can now create a new generation of cake recipes by applying the genetic operators on the the first generation based on the clients ratings and so on.

This is just a joke, but if a big company decides to make it real, I think it’ll be very funny and they will create the first computer-generated cake !

I was thinking too, if things like this can be done to chemical products; you can do experiments in an automated way, this is a very interesting research field for robotics and AI =)

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